PODCAST: Episode 1 w/ Lex Lybrand, Brandon Stroud, Destiny Talley, & Jason Zenter!

We plan on doing a handful of these podcasts during production & post so that we can express ourselves in ways that the 'print' format of blogging just can't allow. Please forgive us if we venture greatly off topic and start rambling about Star Trek: TNG, pro wrestling, or adult film parody titles. We try our bes to stay on topic, and for the most part we succeed. If nothing else, please enjoy this audible look into the minds behindĀ Meet Me There!

Our first episode features our director/DP/editor, Lex Lybrand, our writing team of Brandon Stroud & Destiny Talley, and our special FX makeup artist, Jason Zentner.

Stream the episode above, or download the MP3 here.